Can You Run Whirlpool Dishwasher Heat Dry Only?

Your Whirlpool dishwasher only runs when it’s full of dishes.

That’s fine most of the time, but it could leave you frustrated with wasted cycle times. If your favorite Whirlpool dishwasher doesn’t clean your dishes properly, you should troubleshoot it.

So, can you run the Whirlpool dishwasher on heat dry only? Yes, you can.

The Whirlpool dishwasher heat-dry only feature allows you to dry the dishes using the dishwasher’s dry cycle without heat. Simply turn on the dishwasher’s dry cycle and set the temperature to 85 degrees (F).

This will dry the dishes without heat. Note that dried dishes may crack if dried with high heat.

Can You Run Whirlpool Dishwasher Heat Dry Only?

A Whirlpool dishwasher heat-dry cycle can be the perfect option for households where water and electricity are scarce and waste is costly.

The feature allows you to wash dishes using cold water and dry them using the heating element in the dishwasher.

The feature can be great for those who run their dishwashers overnight or in the early morning, allowing them to wake up to a hot, clean kitchen.

However, you typically won’t find a heat dry-only option on all Whirlpool dishwashers, so there are some tips that can help you achieve it if it’s available on your model:

Choose a Cycle Option

Check the cycle options on your dishwasher and choose “Heat Dry Only” if it’s available. If not, choose “Heat Dry” and “Delayed Start.” This change will allow you to choose the option you need.

Ensure Your Dishwasher Is Plugged in

The dishwasher must have power in order to run the heat dry cycle. Make sure that the dishwasher’s electrical plug is plugged into a functioning outlet. Do not attempt to run it without a plug.

Consider Temperature Setting

The temperature setting for the dishwasher heat dry cycle is 160 F. Set it to this setting and choose “Heat Dry” with “Delay Start” to start the heat dry cycle. However, you should only use this setting if your dishes are dry when unloaded from the dishwasher.

How To Run Whirlpool Dishwasher Heat Dry Only

Examine the Dishes

After the dishes have gone through the rinse and drain cycles, look at them.

This should take between five and ten minutes.

After that, you will examine several dishes for about two minutes each to see if they’re completely dry or not.

This should have worked for the load you just washed, but if it didn’t, try adjusting the temperature in the drying mode or waiting until the next wash to run the heat-dry-only function again.

Examine the Timer

You should take the time after you’ve washed your dishes and before running the heat-dry-only function to look at the control panel on the machine to see what the timer is set to.

Many individuals fail to check the timer, which can lead to a malfunction of the dryer mode if the machine isn’t set to go off at the right time.

You’ll want to check how long the machine is set for before you start the heat-dry-only process.

It normally takes an 18-to-24-hour period to heat-dry your dishes, so set the timer accordingly and start the clock.

Always Run A Smaller Load

Along with the sort of dishes you put into your washer, the size of the load you place into the washer will also affect the results you get from the machine.

You should try and put a smaller load into the washing machine so that the dryer can get the items more thoroughly and do a better job drying them.

This will help to lower the chances of the machine getting overloaded and not working properly when in the drying mode.

Take your time stacking the plates in the racks so that they are as close together as possible without overlapping.

Avoid Putting Too Much Plastic Inside

This is the single biggest factor that will cause problems with the heat-dry function on your washing machine: putting too much plastic inside the washer at once.

While there is nothing wrong with using plastic plates, cups, or utensils, they cause more problems than you would think with running the dryer only mode on your washer.

This is bad for the appliance itself as well as the clothes that are washed in it.

It is preferable not to put too much of anything into the machine at once, but if you use plastic containers, you should only use one at a time and put another item in after the wash is done.

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Final Words

To heat the dishes, run a regular cycle with the heat dry option selected and then turn the dial to “heat dry” when the washing is done.

This happens often after loading a lot of plastic items into a washing machine at one time.

To do it correctly, avoid placing too many plastics in at the same time and only put one container in at a time.

This will help make sure that you don’t have any big problems during the cycle of heating and drying.

If this is the first time you’re using the feature, you might also want to look in the owner’s manual for specific instructions before going through with the whole process.

This is a practice run, and it should tell you if everything is working properly before the big event.