Why Your Grout Looks Wet In Spots?

Grout is a cement-like material made of sand, water, and cement. It is used to fill the gaps between tiles and to provide a waterproof seal. Unfortunately, grout can be prone to wet spots that can make it look unsightly. In this article, we will discuss why your grout may look wet in spots and … Read more

Is Non-Shrink Grout Waterproof?

Non-shrink grouts are a type of cementitious material used in construction and other applications to fill joints, gaps, and cavities and provide a waterproof sealant layer between two surfaces or materials. This article will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using non-shrink grouts for waterproofing, as well as explore the different types available on the … Read more

Will Silicone Cure Underwater?

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Can A Running Toilet Cause A Flood?

A running toilet can be a major source of water damage and flooding if left unchecked. So, can a running toilet cause a flood? A running toilet can cause a flood in two ways. First, a running toilet can flood the bathroom floor. Second, a running toilet can cause a toilet overflow. A toilet overflow … Read more