How To Clean Tub Jets That Don’t Work

If you have tub jets that don’t work, it’s essential to diagnose the problem.

One of the most common symptoms is spurting, spraying, or dribbling in the tub. Sometimes it’s only a minor malfunction that requires troubleshooting.

So, how do you clean tub jets that don’t work? Tub jets are one of the most important parts of a bathtub.

They get rid of dirt, hair, and soap scum. However, tub jets often don’t work because they’re clogged with mineral deposits or hair.

Cleaning the jets can be difficult, though. Many people use harsh chemicals to try to remove the deposits from the jet holes.

These chemicals can damage the jets, though. They can also make the problem worse by damaging the enamel coating on the jets or damaging the drain trap.

The best option is to call a professional plumber. A plumber can use special tools to remove mineral deposits and hair from the jets without damaging them.

Why Are My Bath Tub Jets Not Working?

If the jets do not operate, clean a blocked drain first before attempting other solutions because this might be the cause of the problem.

Check to determine whether the high-limit reset switch is in the “on” position if the baths are hot to the touch after running for a length of time.

How To Clean Tub Jets That Don’t Work

Fill Tub With Hot Water

The first thing you should do is fill the bath tub with hot water and then add a scoop of dishwasher detergent to the running water so it can help dissolve any buildups.

The objective here is to ensure that no clog is present and the bathtub can drain properly after cleaning the jets.

This often entails filling the bath tub with hot water before cleaning the jets.

Please keep in mind not to fill the bath tub with too much water as doing so might damage the unit.

This will assist with keeping the water running within the pipes and assist in preventing clogs from occurring in the pipes while cleaning the jets.

You don’t want to hurry this procedure, otherwise you may damage the unit in the process.

When you have finished filling the bathtub, allow the water to run for a few minutes before turning off the water at the shutoff valve below the sink and using the rag to wipe up any residue inside the pipe before the water runs completely out.

Drain the Bathtub

You must empty the bathtub before you proceed with cleaning the jets.

The idea here is to avoid having anything fall into the drain when you open the faucet to flush out the pipes.

For the most part, a few cycles through a shower should do the trick, but if not you may have to drain the entire bathtub using the bucket method and then refill it afterward.

Be thorough and verify that you flush out the pipes entirely before continuing with the cleaning process.

When you are satisfied with the flushing process, you should turn the shower on so that the water and steam will dislodge any debris that may have been left behind during the process of draining and cleaning the pipes.

Test the bathtub jets to see if the water flow has been restored.

Allow the Jets to Cycle a Few Times

You’re going to turn on the faucets and let the water from the tub run through the jets for a few seconds and then turn off the faucets so that the water is all drained out of the tub.

This is the time you’ll want to test whether the bathroom’s temperature is comfortable or not.

You should check that the bathtub jets are working correctly by running the water through the unit a few times to see if it flows properly through the jet holes.

The goal is to get the water flowing through the jets, and you should be able to hear the pressure build up.

It is typical for this procedure to take a few minutes, but the objective is to get all of the soap scum out of the unit and restore the proper flow of the shower head.

Pour Three Cups Of Dishwasher Detergent

To clean bathtub jets, you’re going to use dishwashing detergent to clean the jets.

It makes no difference if you use liquid or powder dishwashing detergent, though we recommend using powder because it tends to dissolve easier in hot water.

It is preferable to use a powdered solution because the liquid may drip down into the pipes as it drains into the tub and this could cause a clog.

You will pour three cups of dishwashing detergent into the bath and let it sit for at least 30 minutes to dissolve before running it through the pipes and down the drain.

Pour each cup into a measuring cup so that you have one cup of liquid and two cups of powder to add to the bathwater.

This will ensure that it distributes evenly throughout the water in the tub.

Take a few seconds to rinse the cup under hot water after each cup is poured to ensure that no residue remains on the cup’s surface that could contaminate your cleaning solution later on.

Can I Run Vinegar Through My Jetted Tub?

After you’ve finished soaking in the bathtub, you should fill the tub with hot water again and fill it with vinegar so that you can use the vinegar to clean the inside of the tub and the drain as well.

Allow it to sit for a few minutes so that the vinegar dissolves in the water before you drain the bathwater again and refill it with hot water to run through the unit.

It’s a simple approach to keep your jet ted tubs clean, but it’s often overlooked by many homeowners who allow their bathtubs to get clogged up over time because they fail to clean them on a regular basis.

Can I Use Dawn to Clean My Jetted Tub?

However, dish soap and bleach are too harsh to use on jetted tubs because they will erode the rubber parts in the jets over time.

Add a couple of squirts of your favorite dish soap to the bath and let it sit for a few minutes before draining it out again and running it through the jet tubes one more time.

If the tub’s manufacturer does not recommend using any type of cleaner or additive in their product, then you should not use it under any circumstances.

Can I Use Oxiclean to Clean My Jetted Tub?

To clean a jetted tub with Oxiclean, fill a sink or bucket with warm water and add a half-cup of oxygen cleaner to it.

Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing and Jet for jetted tub is really quite easy to install on your own if you are mechanically inclined or have the help of a friend.

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Final Words

This is the greatest set of measures to take in order to keep your jet ted tubs clean and in good working condition.

To clean tub jets that are positioned around the outside of the tub, simply take a soft-bristled brush and rinse it off after each use so that any debris that has fallen into it is cleaned out.

Pour three cups of dishwashing detergent into warm water and mix it well before adding it to the bathwater so that you can dissolve the soap throughout the water in your jetted bath tub.

At this point, the bathtub jets are as clean as they will ever be, so you won’t need to make any other attempts to clean them.

If this does not work, you should consult a professional plumber to have it fixed right away because continuing to use the jets could result in serious damage to your plumbing system.

This is the best approach to ensure that you can continue to enjoy using your new whirlpool bath for years to come without having to worry about paying expensive repair bills along the way.

When it comes to this sort of project, it’s better to be safe than sorry because a little maintenance now can save you a lot of money in the long run.