Hot Mop Vs RedGard

RedGard is a leading manufacturer of mops.

Their flagship product, the the RedGard All-in-one Mop, has been popular among homeowners and business owners since its release. The mop features three distinct parts: the handle, the mop head, and the microfiber cloth.

So, what is the difference between hot mop and redgard? Hot mop and redgard are carpet and rug cleaning chemicals.

Hot mop is a cleaning chemical that looks like a small cake of wax. A small amount of hot mop is placed on a carpet or rug and then pressed hard with a steam cleaner.

The heat melts the hot mop and releases a cleaning solution into the carpet or rug. Redgard is a cleaning chemical that comes in powder form.

It can be sprinkled on carpet or rugs and then vacuumed up. Both hot mop and redgard clean carpets and rugs effectively, but redgard is easier to use and has less odor than hot mop.

Difference Between Hot Mop and RedGard


Redgard is 100% waterproof and guarantees no mold or mildew growth for up to 10 years.

Redgard is recommended for areas with high moisture levels such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Hot mops, on the other hand, are not waterproof and are prone to mold and bacterial growth. Hot mops are better suited for low moisture areas such as kitchens and living rooms.


Hot mop and Redgard are both floor cleaning products.

However, they have different effects. Hot mop gets floors really clean by blasting them with hot water and detergent, washing away dirt, grime, and mildew.

Redgard, on the other hand, is a chemical treatment that seals floors so they stay cleaner longer.

However, Redgard only works on certain types of floors such as vinyl and linoleum. Hot mop can be used on almost any type of floor, making it a better choice for most households.


Versatility is an important difference between hot mop and redgard. Hot mop is ideal for cleaning wood floors and tile because it cleans the surface thoroughly.

However, hot mops are not good at cleaning carpeted areas.

Redgard is good for cleaning both wood flooring and carpeting because both surfaces can be easily cleaned with the device’s special brushes.


Hot mopping is replacing your mop head after every use.

This wastes time and money because you have to go out of your way to buy new mop heads all the time. Redgard is different because the whole mop head stays wet and reusable for up to 50 uses.

This saves you money and is more convenient. Redgard is also safer to use because there’s no risk of bacteria building up in the mop head.

Overall, hot mopping is outdated and expensive while redgard is cheaper and more convenient.

What Is Better Hot Mop or Membrane?

Hot mop pans perform better and last longer than other alternatives on the market such as membrane cleaners.

It is ideal for tile insulation cleaning and stripping hardwood floors.

Why Use a Hot Mop Shower Pan?

Hot mopping is the preferred method for removing dirt and grease from floors and tiles because it eliminates bacteria and leaves the floor clean and sanitized.

Hot mop pans outperform and outlast other alternatives such as membrane cleaners because they allow dirt and grease to be washed away without the risk of clogging up the device with dirt and debris.

How Long After Hot Mop Can You Tile?

It takes 2 to 3 days for a hot mopped floor to dry completely after application but before tiling the surface must be sealed to prevent water damage or mold growth.

If you are not on a tight schedule you may be able to tile in as little as 24 hours but to ensure safety and hygiene you should wait at least a week before putting tiles on the floor after applying a hot mopped finish to it.

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Final Words

It is critical to evaluate Hot Mop Vs Membrane before investing in one because the choice you make will affect your health and that of your family for years to come.

Hot mopping is well-known for being effective, affordable, and convenient which is why it is the preferred choice for most homeowners today.

In comparison, RedGard is less expensive, more versatile, and easier to clean which makes it the better option for most people who would rather clean their floors than buy new devices all the time.

The ordinary property holder needs to ensure that he/she selects a covering that can withstand the vagaries of climate in light of the fact that any open air parts ought to be covered.

However, hot mopping requires a pressure washer for best results and so it’s best suited for professionals only.

It is significantly more durable and will last longer compared to its counterparts but the process of cleaning it is cumbersome and time-consuming as you will need to scrub the grout using a brush and a cleaning solution to get rid of stubborn stains.

This may not appear to be a huge issue. When you are doing commercial work, you cannot afford to waste time scrubbing floors for hours on end which is why this alternative is not suited for professional use.

Don’t underestimate this when making a decision as it’s the difference between getting the job done quickly and having to hire extra help to get the job done well and quickly.

Getting good outcomes must likewise be viewed as while picking which type of cover to go for, this is because numerous covers like plastic sheeting do cover the soil however, leave holes and breaks that water can go through hence.