Why Is The Drain Snake Tangled In A Drum?

When a drain becomes clogged, it’s tempting to reach for the nearest tool to unclog it.

Unfortunately, many plumbers find that their drain snakes are tangled in a drum. This poses several problems, including the inability to open the clogged drain.

So, why is the drain snake tangled in a drum? The drain snake from Home Hardware is tangled in the snare drum from Drum Dojo.

This was because the drain snake was trying to get the snare drum out of the toilet. The snare drum got stuck when it was flushed down the toilet.

The drain snake was able to untangle the snare drum and pull it out of the toilet, but the drain snake got tangled in the drum in the process.

Why Is The Drain Snake Tangled In A Drum?

The drain snake was tangled in the drum because the dog pulled it out of the vent in the kitchen.

When the dog saw the snake in the vent, the dog’s owner grabbed the snake and chased the dog out of the house. The dog ran back into the house to get the snake, which the dog had dragged into the kitchen.

The dog then tried to pull the snake out through the sink, but the dog’s owner kept pulling on the snake to stop it.

The dog’s owner then accidentally pulled on the snake too hard, which caused the snake to get stuck in one of the holes in the bottom of the sink.

The dog’s owner then tried to lift the sink, but he was only able to lift it about three inches off the ground before the sink became too heavy to lift. The dog’s owner then gave up and called a plumber.

How To Fix Drain Snake Tangled In Drum

Find A Sturdy Tool Like A Screwdriver

Have you ever been faced with such a scene? Then, this piece of writing is for you! In this article, we are going to provide you with some helpful insights.

To start with, drain snakes are very handy tools in your bathroom or kitchen. They are usually used to clear clogged drains and pipes, such as sink and bathtub pipes.

However, a drain snake is responsible for many tragic incidents in households. Thus, it is pertinent to learn how to use drain snakes appropriately. To guide you on how to use drain snakes properly, we have come up with the following tips:

To begin with, you should always use a sturdy tool like a screwdriver to fix a drain snake that is tangled in a drum. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

Moreover, you should only attempt to replace a drain snake with a new one if it is properly labeled. Otherwise, you could damage the drain snake beyond repair.

Furthermore, you should only attempt to replace a drain snake with a new one if the drain snake has a protective cover on it. Otherwise, you could damage the drain snake beyond repair.

Last but not least, you should only use the drain snake for its intended purpose. In other words, you should never attempt to use a drain snake in an unusual way.

Push Through The Slot

When a drain snake gets tangled in the pipes, it can be difficult to untangle it.

However, there’s a simple trick you can use to fix it without calling a plumber.

All you have to do is move the snake back and forth through the drain until the tangle disappears.

Wedge And Pull

Recently, my drain snake got tangled up in the drum of my washing machine.

I didn’t know what to do, so I started doing some research online. I found that my best bet was to use the wedge and pull method.

First, I placed a 4-foot piece of 1⁄2 ” x 2″ board in the drain hole at the bottom of the drum. Next, I connected my drain snake to the hose and inserted it into the drain hole.

Then I turned on the machine and poured water into the drain hole. This forced the snake into the drum and toward the top of the drum.

Finally, I turned off the machine and disconnected the hose. The snake came out easily, and I was able to get things working again.

Keep Pulling And Pushing Screwdriver Deeper

When a plumber is fixing a clog, sometimes the drain snake gets tangled in the drain.

When this happens, the plumber has to pull or push the snake further down into the drain to get it out. But sometimes this doesn’t work, and it gets stuck again.

If this happens, the plumber has to keep pulling and pushing the snake further down into the drain until it’s completely out.

How Do You Untangle a Drain Snake?

Take the cable out of the pipe and insert a wire coat hanger into the pipe as far as it will go and try pulling on it.

To avoid a mess, wipe it clean with a rag afterward.

Take the snake in both hands, bend it in half, and use both hands to pull in opposite directions to straighten it out.

This will smooth the cable out and make it easier to untangle it from the pipe.

Can Snaking a Drain Cause Damage?

While advertised as equipment that anybody can use, many experts agree that most plumbers do not have the proper training to safely use a snake on their own home’s plumbing systems.

Many old pipes in homes have deteriorated over time, and many houses have piping made from galvanized steel that corrodes quickly when exposed to moisture, acidic foods, and other waste materials.

Can a Drain Snake Make a Clog Worse?

A drain snake is a mechanical device that forces its way into clogged drains to clear them out with brute force, rather than using chemicals or other methods that require no physical labor.

These are marketed as being safe for DIY use by almost anyone, but in reality they are incredibly dangerous if used by somebody who does not know what they are doing.

However, if used incorrectly, they can actually damage pipes or even cause them to break entirely.

You risk jamming the obstruction deeper into the pipe than you realized and causing severe damage to the system.

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Final Words

The drain snake in a drum means something messy is going on.

Maybe the drain snake got tangled up while cleaning the drain, and now it’s in a drum. Maybe it was a prank played by someone in the house.

Either way, the drain snake in a drum is a sign that something messy is going on in the house.